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Scorpio horoscope gives astrology analysis for upcoming year. Know predictions for zodiac sign Scorpion as per astrological principles.

So who knows, but if you are expecting your own little bundle of joy, you might want to read on to find out just how awful your labor might be:. If your baby is a Capricorn , you should know that they like things to go a certain way. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, people with this sign are responsible and disciplined, and have a strong sense of self-control. Your water will break — just like in the movies— and your labor will progress like it an OB-GYN textbook says it should. Chances are, the contractions and the pushing will last exactly as long as you expect and be just as painful as you fear it to be.

On the bright side, nothing weird will happen, so you have that going for you. My youngest was born under the sign of Aquarius.

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That means he is friendly and that he hates being bored. This makes a lot of sense, when you consider that my labor with him was anything but boring. Unless you call preterm labor, a serious injury, and him getting stuck on my pelvis monotonous, that is. Pisces are known for being gentle and compassionate. Sounds good, right? The problem with Pisces, however, is that they love to be alone and have a tendency to be afraid of pretty much everything.

Prepare to have your baby go way, way past their due date, and don't be surprised if you feel like you're in labor forever. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Aries are passionate, enthusiastic, and have a tendency to be impatient and aggressive. Contractions with your Aries baby will likely feel like they are going to burst from your belly like an alien parasite, and once you start pushing, if they are anything like their sign, your Aries baby will burst into the world through a ring of fire.

Your reliable Taurus will come exactly on their due date , because they hate being late and always try to make sure everything goes according to plan. However, they also freaking hate change, so make sure you have ample time to snuggle skin-to-skin with your little bull and ease his or her way into the world.

My oldest is a Gemini — curious and affectionate, but also indecisive and anxious. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Geminis are twins and are known to have dual personalities, so you never know what you are going to get. In my daughter's case, that meant prodromal labor. I had contractions with no cervical changes for a month, but she wasn't budging.

Then, when I was finally admitted to the hospital for induction , my daughter decided she was not going to wait any longer and my water broke all over the bathroom floor. Totally a Gemini. As a Cancer myself, I know firsthand how emotional, temperamental, and, well, crabby we can be. While it might be in the distant future or even closer than you imagined , the stars can dictate when a bun could be in the oven. Your Zodiac sign can predict much more than your personality, and it might shock you to discover when you're most likely to create a family.

It could have something to do with your love life, or maybe it doesn't, but learning when you're going to become a parent might offer you valuable insight on which direction your life is going. Who knows, maybe you're expecting a baby right now. Whether you're as dreamy as a Pisces or as practical as a Virgo, the stars can decipher when your life is going to change forever.

Here is what age you'll have kids at based on your Zodiac sign, and the date might be arriving sooner than you planned! The thought of having children totally stresses you out and makes you feel way too anxious. You're the last person that wants to think about having children. You're practical and hardworking, and since you want to have a career, having children feels counter intuitive to you. Motherhood might not come easy to you, but it will sneak up on you faster than you expected. By the time you're 22, though, you'll have a bun in the oven. It will catch you completely off guard, because as a Virgo, you do your best to make sure surprises don't throw a curveball at your life.

You'll fall in love and begin to feel a little too comfortable, and it will totally be an accident. While it won't be apart of your meticulous life plan, you will handle it with grace and practicality, which will be traits that you'll ingrain in to your bundle of joy. Watch out for that magical year, because the stars understand destiny, and they're saying you're destined to have your baby at You're a twin soul, but sometimes it might feel like you're missing your other half.

You might think it's a man you need in your life, but it might actually be that baby you haven't begun to plan for yet. The stars know what age is perfect for you to have kids at, and for a Gemini, it will be Once you leave your elusive twenties and fall into the routine of your thirties, it won't be long before you start yearning for something different. Your dual personality means you will flip flop on the decision for a few weeks before you start getting busy.

You are nothing if not adaptable, and you will embrace this change with enthusiasm. You'll probably have the nursery complete before your first trimester is over. Can you wait until then? While having a baby seems like a romantic notion to the notoriously dreamy water sign, you'll wait to live out other romantic fables before a baby comes along. This is why the stars know you'll have a child at You need to enjoy the majority of your twenties to work on creative passions. While your dream world might push you towards having one sooner, you're the wisest of the signs, which is why you'll be sure to wait.

It's rare for a Pisces to prioritize children in the early stages of their adult life, and while you will cherish motherhood when the time comes around, you're not one of the signs that has been dying to have babies for as long as they can remember. You'll be day dreaming through most of your entire life, but when you hit 29, you might pause for a moment to get busy and have a baby. As the mother of the Zodiac signs, you've been dreaming of being a mother your entire life.

You were that friend that looked after everyone else in your group, delivering motherly advice through high school and college without even realizing it. This is why the stars say you'll have kids when you're After you're certain you've found someone reliable to help you through raising your babies, you'll be eager to start a family. You're emotional and sympathetic, which is why everyone has always believed you'll make a fantastic mother. Even though you'll have your first child at 23, you'll probably still be having children in to your thirties — when it comes to motherhood, Cancer women love to prolong it, so all their babies don't leave the nest at once.

You've always thought your own mother was a goddess, which is why you've always valued motherhood so deeply. You are a lioness, and while you might be eager to start a family, you have plans for yourself first. You're independent and refuse to be weighed down, which is totally what the thought of children feels like. While you can be vain and selfish, you'll spend your twenties on yourself. You'll spend your money on you, your time on you, and you will be the queen of your domain. When you're thirty you'll begin starting a family. This means you'll have your first baby at You enjoy multitasking, so while motherhood won't be overly challenging for you, you will inevitably miss your independence.

You won't feel much like royalty when a baby is spitting up all over you, which is why you are in no hurry. You are one of the signs of the Zodiac that has a plan when it comes to kids, and you will totally stick with it. While you don't expect to have a child before your mids, you're not rigid with your plans because you love the thought of it. This is why you'll have a baby when you're You're responsible and disciplined, which is why you'll skillfully juggle having children and maintaining your career, even if people consider you to be a new mother.

Your self-control means you know how to keep your life balanced and happy, and while you might not plan to have your kids so young, you're totally happy with the direction your life will take. While being a mother might challenge some of your core traits, such as your profound struggle to be forgiving, you will completely cherish being a mom. The stars are unable to tether you down, and you feel the same way when it comes to kids. You can go for adoption. Hi I got married 6 yr back on Feb 26th I was born on jan 26th We are trying for children.

When will we have this period. Due to strong influence of Saturn you will find delay in your life. Having said that children happiness is certainly there, but after delays and some medical help may also be required. Do consult a good doctor who can help you on this front. The possibility of children is very much in the period ahead. Your comment is awaiting moderation Its been 4 years of marriage and I am still not able to conceive. Hello sir My name is Rupali d. There will be delays but progeny happiness is indicated. You may have to consult a good doctor on this front.

It is better to consult with a gynecologist. You can also keep fast on Thursdays. My name is pooja bod Husband name is Vinod. We married on Presently Jupiter the karka for progeny is transiting through Virgo. It will change sign in the month of September Your possibility of having children is strong after this period. Keep trying and surely you will get success. Hi my name is Neha Wadhwa after marriage and my husbands name is Gaurav wadhwa.

My DOB is We have been trying to have a child for 6 years. Please help I am desperate. Looking at your natal chart we see that Saturn the planet of delays and obstacles in posited in the 5th house, which is the house of children. Due to Saturn in the 5th house, you may also have to take some medical help as Saturn is the planet of diseases. Jupiter the karka for progeny is in Virgo and will enter your 5th house after September This will be a strong period to conceive.

Do not lose hope, as the planets are moving in your direction to help you and get you the desired results. Do Shani puja regularly and also keep fasts on Thursdays. Hi sir. Timing 6. Plz advise. Looking at your horoscope we see that Jupiter the karka for children is in Virgo which is your 5th house. There is a strong possibility that you will conceive in the period ahead. You should keep fast on Thursday for expediting results quickly.

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Saturn is retrograde transiting Scorpio. Jupiter is in Virgo and will soon enter Libra, which is about fertility and growth. The possibility of conceiving is strong in Dear sir i wanted to planning my due date according to numerology. What dates r good to have my c section to have goog star for baby. Sumita birth time In your horoscope we see that Mars which is the lord of 5th house of progeny is ruled by Mars.

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Mars is debilitated in your horoscope. Ketu in the Bhagyastan or the house of luck aspect the 5th house. Jupiter the karka for progeny is in the 12th house which is not good placement for it to be. Your horoscope 5th house and karka is weak for progeny. Therefore it is best for you to go for adoption of a child. As per your both date of birth number 5 is prominent. The period for progeny is going on and you should keep trying and surely you will find success in your efforts. Doing remedies of Jupiter are strongly recommended. Sir also my husband date of birth time is 7.

Hello, My husbandand I have had one miscarriage this past December , and have been tri BB to conceive again ever since. Can you hemp is on a prediction based on our information. I do know that my husband has a lifepath of 5 and I a 6. As per your horoscope you were badly afflicted by Saturn till 26 January The Saturn influence always brings delays, obstacles, hindrances in ones life.

Now this period has got over, therefore the period after 01 November is much more favorable which promises results on this front. There is no doubt that you will conceive again however you need to be careful during during this period.

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Avoid intoxication of any kind during this period. Looking at your horoscope we see that Jupiter the lord of the 5th house of progeny, is in the 9th house and conjoined with 6th lord Mars and 8th lord Mercury. Jupiter is debilitated in the Navamsha chart D9 , this is not good. You should do the remedies of Jupiter to get good results. Your chart also indicates the need of medical help on this front. Get in touch with good doctors to assist you and help you conceive.

The possibility of conceiving are very strong after October You should keep trying and do the remedies given below for expediting fast results. Recite Hanuman Chalisqa Daily 2. Keep fast on Thursdays 3. As you adviced I do fast on Thursday But my husband do not keep fast And he also washes clothes on Thursday even I often told him to not do this But he does not intentionally but it happens. I am scared that brihspati God will angry with us if my husband do this Pls suggest Thank you sir.

It seems that is much strong period for you to get the desired results. You should keep fast on Mondays for getting good results. The possibility of getting a child is strong in However there may be a need for some medical advice before you get your results. It is recommended that you and your wife do get in touch with a good doctor who can help you in expediting results. Doing Hanuman Chalisa regularly will help. Married on 5th feb Trying to conceive from Jan, We yet didnot get any fruitful result.. When can we expect our good news.

High family pressure on us for baby.. Please kindly help us. As the ruling planets of both you and your husband is Jupiter and Saturn which are slow moving planets. However there is delay but no denials. You can expect to get results in Doing the remedies of Jupiter are very important for expediting results.

We got married on 1st Dec, Since then we have been childless, in spite of trying all sort of medicinal treatment, including IVF. Currently she is taking homeopathy treatment. I recite Hanuman Chalisa times a day since before my marriage. But still we are unable to find any success. Waiting for your reply at earliest, Thanks…. In both the horoscopes we see that there is affliction on the 5th house, which is the prime house of progeny. Also there is weak karka that is Jupiter. It is better that you go for adoption. Sometimes certain things are not in destiny.

It can be because of our past karmas. By going for adoption you would not only fill your life with happiness but also give parents happiness and future to a child. I suggest that you should not get carried away with emotions of having only a biological child. A child is a child and once it comes and sits in your lap you will forget about everything and start loving it. Sir, Thnx for reply. But does it mean that chances for us to have own child is nil. If any remedial measured we can take to make our karka Jupiter strong, kindly suggest.

Hello sir I am Nisha Mitra,posted u on 11th aug. Thanku so much for ur reply. As per ur suggestion as posted on 13th Aug,17 you suggested me to do the remedies for Jupiter planet.. As u said that our jupiter and saturn are moving slow.. Plz guide me with some useful suggestion,what are the remedies to follow. My father in law is suffering from Cancer Grade IV,n i want to fulfill his last desire.. Plz kindly help me. Is our lifepath is good? I donot know to calculate it.. Can i keep trying after september?

Good evening! All tests come out normal for me and my hubby, but still nothing. We have gone through several treatments which have done more damage, than good, thinking about the IVF, but really were hoping to conceive naturally. We got married on November 28th, I really appreciate your help and advice. Please help us.

Thank you Irina. Looking at your Vedic chart we see that your ascendant is Leo and Moon sign is Virgo. Your 5th house is ruled by Jupiter as Sagittarius sign is there and Ketu is posited in the 5th house which is not good. Ketu is the south node of the moon and it represents delays, obstacles and surgery. The period of Jupiter is going on and sub period of Mercury which is a good period to give you results on this front.

However you may need to consult a doctor before you may get some results. Conceiving naturally possibility is there, but you need to be careful during pregnancy. Hello sir, My name is ravichendra Reddy M. Last three years onwards we are trying. Some pooja also done.

Kundali Predictions for Child

When will getting a baby. Please suggest me. Saturn is the planet of delays, hindrances and obstacles in life. You will get the desired results are delays. Progeny happiness in indicated but you may need to take advice from a doctor as well before you get your results. You should Keep fast on Mondays for expediting results.


Awaiting for your earliest reply since i am so depressed of not having child and famiy pressure. Hello sir i am trying to conceive for a baby from last 7 yrs , got married on 1st july , conceived once but miscarried. I have tried everything that i can. Please sir need your help. In your horoscope we see that Saturn rules the 5th house of progeny. Sun, 12th lord Mercury and Mars aspects the 5th house. Jupiter the karka for progeny is debilitated.

Hence the horoscope is weak for progeny happiness. You should seek a medical help on this front. If you do not get the results till May It is advised to go in for adoption. As you are born under the influence of Saturn, there sill be delays. Saturn has been retrograde and recently turned direct.

The possibility of conceiving are strong in Waiting for your reply at earliest. Looking at your natal chart we see that Rahu is in the 5th house, the Mahadasha of Saturn and Rahu is going on. Jupiter the karka is transiting through Virgo and will enter libra this month. The possibility of kids is strong in the second half of You should do remedies of Rahu and Jupiter for expediting early results. Hi Sir,My name is jyoti Singh and I am unmarried.

I want to know after marriage,will I be able to produce child. My date of birth is July 8 and time of birth is 8 pm. In your horoscope chart we see that Jupiter which is the karka for husband is debilitated which is not good. There is marriage in your life, however the delay is because of the weak 7th lord and karka Jupiter. The strong possibility of marriage is after April You need to try very hard on this front to get desired results. Please let me know when can I become a pregnant. Please do help us and give the solution for my question as early as possible.

Thanks and regards, Pallavi. Looking at your natal chart the possibility of progeny is strong in You should do the below given remedies. Drink water in a Silver Glass 2. Put Kesar Tilak every Thursdays 3. Give fodder to the Cow. Hello sir, my name — Santha Karanam, 18th may , 1. Our marriage date is 13th February I have a baby boy,he is 7yr old, 6th July we r trying for second but not succeed..

I want to know when I conceive for second…I want a baby girl to complete my family. Sir we are trying for family expansion since a year but no luck. As per astrologers there is bleak chances of conception…even med reports are OK still unable to concieve. Plz help. Looking at your horoscope we see that Moon is the lagan lord.

Moon is conjoined with Ketu forming the chander gharan dosha, which is not good. In your horoscope Saturn the planet of obstacles and delays Saturn is in the 5th house. In your horoscope weak 5th house and 5th lord brings delay on the progeny front. The mahadasha of Saturn is going on and Saturn in transit is transiting through Scorpio and will soon reenter Sagittarius.

You should be careful on the health front after you conceive. Doing remedies of Mars and Saturn will help. Question is this…. Would I be blessed with my own children? If, Yes then , When will have my first baby????? In your birth chart we see that your lagan is Taurus and Rashi is also Taurus. Venus is in the 12th house which is not good. Mercury is the lord of the 5th house and Mercury is debilitated in your horoscope, which is also not good.

Due to the above weak planets there will be delay in having progeny. If you are facing delays then it is best to seek a doctors advice who can help you with some medication. The mahadahs of Rahu and Moon is not good it will bring tensions and stress. Doing the remedies of Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter which is the karka are important for getting desired results. Marriage date or marriage bhi bhut acchi nhi chl rhi h starting s hi problem chal rhi h.. Looking at your horoscope we see that Mars and Venus are conjoined in the 5th house.

Due to weak 5th lord and 5th house there will be delay in progeny. You should get a medical advice on this front to expedite results at the earliest. Also do remedies of Jupiter and Saturn for benefits. My name is amandeep kaur mathauda Dob My husbands name. You are influenced by 6 and number 8. These numbers indicate passion, love , understanding but also it indicates delay and obstacles. One such obstacle is in your children front.

You should seek a medical advise on this front. When will we have a healthy baby. Already had 3 miscarriages. Our wedding date is October 12, Looking at your natal chart we see that Libra sign is in the 5th house and Venus rules the this house of children. Venus is exalted but combust as it is conjoined with Sun. Debilitated Rahu in the 6th house aspects the 5th lord Venus. You are presently running the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Jupiter. Jupiter in transit will enter Libra on 12th September Thereafter coming 13 months are very strong for conceiving.

Hello sir my name is purnima D. Yes the possibility of children are there in your life. Keep fast on Mondays for getting good results. Hi sir, im Ravi Diwan. I want to know about my didis pregnancy, since she has no child after 8 yrs of marriage. Prerna Khare. Dhamtari chhattisgarh husbands: Abhishek khare. Lucknow UP.

I would be very grateful to you sir. Looking at her natal chart we see that she is born under the sign of Venus. Her 5th house of progeny is ruled by Saturn which is retrograde and placed in the 12th house. Saturn is debilitated in the navamsha chart, which again is not good. Jupiter the karka of progeny is also in the 12th house, Therefore the 5th lord and Karka are both weak for getting the desired results.

She should go for medical help on this front. Also look at adoption as a possibility. Had twins December 31, Wondering when we will conceive our third child. Thank you in advance! Your husband number is 1 and yours is number 7. The possibility of getting the desired results is in In your chart we see that 5th house of progeny is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is exalted in the 2nd house. You are presently running the mahadasha of Mercury and antardasha of Jupiter. As Saturn rules the 5th house, there will be delay in having children.

As Rahu aspects the 5th house you may need to have some medical treatment before you get the results. Hello Sir, My date of birth is We see that both of you are ruled by number 2 and the Moon, which will make you highly talented, emotional and kindhearted. The possibility of progeny is strong in You should do the below given remedies to expedite results at the earliest. Hi sir..

Numerology and Conception - Tips for Fertility - Astronlogia

Want to know when can I conceive. Looking at your chart we see that your lagan is Leo and 5th house is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is posited in the 6th house and debilitated. Also you have Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 5th house. Your horoscope is weak on this front as Rahu in the 9th house aspects the 5th house. The main period of Mercury and Mars is going on. The possibility of conceiving is there, but you need to take some doctors advice before you could see favorable results. Keep fast on Thursdays. Kindly tell me when i will be able to conceive? My doctor is advising me to go for ivf..

Hello Sir, I m Chumki. My DOB is on 11th Feb Night 9. We married on 6th Feb I had 1 miscarriage. Can you Plz tell me when I will conceive or when we will have child. In your horoscope we see that 5th house which is the house of progeny is ruled by Saturn and is in lagan. Sun which is 12th house lord is conjoined with 2nd lord Venus and Ketu which is debilitated in the Navamsha chart. It is best that you take an opinion of a doctor in this regard. Doing the remedies of Jupiter and Saturn will certainly be helpful. Hello sir, thanks for reply.

I m already in treatment for last 2. Hi sir, Could you let me know when will i conceive, we dont have birth details of my husband so no one is helping me in predicting child birth. Looking at your natal chart we see that Jupiter rules the 5th house of progeny and Rahu in the 9th house aspects the 5th house. Yes the horoscope is weak for progeny happiness.

There will be delay and obstacles. You should do the remedies given below for getting results. Keep fast on Tuesday. Thank you for the help…as suggested I will keep fasting on Tuesdays…Just want to conform I will be blessed with Baby or not? Looking at your charts we see that horoscopes are weak for progeny. There will be delay. The possibly of progeny are there however it is important that you seek a medical advice. Doing the remedies given below will certainly help. Sir, Thanks for your reply. We are trying for baby from last 7 years we have did ivf,iui but failed.

And with medical help or naturally? Regards Arun patil. Now we are taking ayurvedic treatment. Dear Sir, My name is Elena Kyoseva You are ruled by number 3 and Jupiter. You are active, talented , honest, trust worthy and mature person. You are helpful and a good host. Regarding progeny we see that there will be delays and obstacles on this path.

Jupiter in transit has entered Libra, and likely to bestow you will good results on this front. Do suggest a doctor is necessary. Please provide your date, time and place of birth. Marriage Date — Sir please let me know When will I conceive. I want to know will have kids or not. When will we be blessed with a child? In your horoscope matching we see that your horoscope is weak on the progeny front. It strongly indicates problems on the children front.

There can be delay, miscarriage and obstacles in conceiving. You should seek some medical help as it is indicated in your birth chart. Hello sir Myself snehal suryavanshi and husband name is- prashant narawade. Marriage date is december My birthdate is 11 feb , Thannks and regards Snehal. Both of us born in Agartala, India.

Can you please tell, when we will be blessed with a baby. In your husband horoscope we see that 5th lord venus is combust and conjoined with debilitated Mars which is the 6th lord. In your horoscope we see that Mercury the 5th house lord is debilitated. Therefore both horoscopes are weak for results on the progeny front, which will bring delays and obstacles.

You are running the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Mars. However the possibility to get the results are stronger after June Keep trying and also do the remedies of Jupiter. Keep fats on Thursdays for benefits. Hello Sir! Im Maya, I want help for my family friends. Could you please tell me , if they can have a 2nd baby. They have a boy of 6 yrs age. They are planning for the second but in vain. Wolverhampton England. Paminder Singh DOB. Ludhiana Punjab.

Your friend is passing through the period of Shani Sade satti, that is why she is facing obstacles, delays and health issues. Her Rashi is Dhanu that ios Sagittarius and Saturn in transit is in Sagittarius bringing obstacles in her endeavors. The period till is not good and little chances of success. She should do Shani remedies for gains. Place of birth is Tellicherry; Kerala. Tried ivf for 5 times. Still not conceived Please tell me when will we blessed with a child. Looking at your horoscopes, the birth chart of both are weak on the progeny front, therefore it is best for you that you go in for adoption.

Hello sir I posted question on 2 th october as well as on 8 th I can understand there is lot of load on you. Thnaks Regard Snehal. As per the stars indicate a delay on this front. It is best to consult a medical specialist for help. Also you should do remedies of Jupiter which will strength the chances of child in your life.