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Scorpio horoscope gives astrology analysis for upcoming year. Know predictions for zodiac sign Scorpion as per astrological principles.

Financially, you could be rewarded for your work. You might have a lot to do today, and what may initially seem like a good idea could quickly turn into a not-so-good one, specifically when you try to do everything yourself. Your best bet is to enlist the help of others today if you want to get the job done and keep your cool.

Capricorn daily horoscope – December 11 | Yasmin Boland

A romantic issue could have you questioning yourself today. However, before you give the situation too much of your emotional energy, try to take a step back and see the situation or the person involved for what it really is. In terms of your creative talents, your skills bring cash.

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You and your partner or someone close to you may get under each other's skin today, which could leave you feeling unappreciated. Instead of looking for this person to validate you, do something for yourself that affirms who you are. Meanwhile, some quality time could bring you two together.

December 11 Birthday Horoscope

Before you start filling your calendar with all kinds of dates, meetings, and obligations with other people; you may need to take some time out to schedule some time with you. If you have your own pending projects that you need to take care of, now's the time to do it. Self-care is the priority. You might receive a job or financial offer today based on your creative skills.

Aries (March 21 - April 1)

Though know that you don't have to settle for the first thing offered as there are better opportunities out there for you. On a similar note, don't undersell your gifts or abilities. You have the talent. A family member could have you questioning yourself in a way that may challenge your love or loyalty to them.

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, December 11

However, don't feel like you have to prove yourself to this person. This also applies if they have you questioning yourself overall. Get centered and remember how amazing you are. You may be obsessing over someone that seems to be out of your reach somehow, which could have you feeling pretty hopeless when it comes to love.

Though it may be hard to shift your focus elsewhere, you should be giving yourself the attention instead. Good things are happening. Extravagant, rash and impulsive individuals could come seriously unstuck!

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Whether you choose to go ahead is therefore very much up to you and your own understanding of your unique individual situation. There is still a measure of uncertainty, and confusing developments keep occurring, but there is a positive side to the unfolding drama.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Some planets are urging you to move forward. Others are persuading you to stay still. In fact, everything that happens now relates to developments which took place a month or even a year ago.

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Your inner tension may be a little more than is healthy. Yet I imagine that, if you try to relax now, you may allow an opportunity to slip through your fingers. That is why you should keep your eye on the ball and check up on every single detail. You are not normally one to doubt your own confidence. What you need now is enough money to get you out of a fix.