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Scorpio horoscope gives astrology analysis for upcoming year. Know predictions for zodiac sign Scorpion as per astrological principles.

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Sun enters Scorpio

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November 14 Zodiac

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Check your email for your code. Validation Code Submitted. You are known to be quite diplomatic, and definitely easy to talk to. That is why, attracting quite a bit of followers wherever you go will prove not to be a problem for you. Without even trying, people are attracted by your natural warmth and most importantly, your accessibility. You just take people as they are. It matters not whether they are poor, rich, educated, not educated.

November 14 Zodiac Sign

You are excited about the prospect of making new friends. You are probably one of the friendliest people in the complete zodiac. This is quite a mean feat to accomplish. Scorpios, after all, are very emotional.

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The more you excite people, the more appreciated you feel. Since you are an outward-directed person, be on the lookout for people who would take indefinitely, and not give anything back. Believe me, there are emotional parasites out there.

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While you do have a tremendous capacity to give emotional warmth, support, and energy, you do have your limits. Unfortunately, many people born on November 14, end up with romantic partners that are emotional black holes.

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  7. That is right. Beware of these people. Just like all other Scorpios, your primary element is water.

    November 14 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

    This should not come as a surprise because it is a sign for emotional signs of the horoscope. Your emotions rule your personality. As mentioned above, your personality is outward-directed. Thus, your emotions tend to focus on making other people happy. Still, if not properly managed, you may end up with people who would take advantage of the emotional energy you give off.

    This is a bit of a surprise because you are probably one of the warmest people your acquaintances and friends have met.

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    How come your main planetary influence is Pluto?