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Although it may seem that you both are complementing each other well, both of you may face serious issues in communication. Geminis are also irresponsible unlike Capricorns who take everything seriously. However, Geminis can teach the Capricorns to take a break from over working; in turn Capricorns can try to instill some responsibility and orderliness in the Gemini natives.

In this relationship, Geminis may be playful and child-like and Capricorns end up acting matured like an adult. Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign Both of you are very different in your emotional needs and temperaments, however if you can work out you both can be a very good pairing. Cancereans are caring, emotional and moody, whereas Capricorns are very uncomfortable in handling emotions and feelings. Cancereans want be close with their partners and like nurturing and to be nurtured, while Capricorns like to be a little detached and always prioritize their work above their own needs.

Cancereans are sentimental and are more sympathetic and prone to mood swings, whereas Capricorns are uncomfortable in expressing dependency, emotions and feelings. Capricorns are more demanding and serious and do not like to be playful and expects a no-nonsense behavior at all times. However, both of you are patient, hardworking and responsible in a relationship. Capricorns are equally needy similar to Cancereans, however they may find it difficult in expressing their emotional needs and comforts. But eventually they will learn to appreciate the softness and nurturing of the Cancereans.

Also, Cancer natives will be drawn to the emotional stability and strength of the Capricorn natives. Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign Both of you can make a happy couple, however one of you may have to make compromises and constantly try to please the other. Leos will not appreciate the openness of Capricorns and Capricorn natives will not appreciate the generosity of the Leos.

Leo natives are energetic, generous and dramatic in nature, whereas Capricorns are sober, reserved and careful. Capricorns are more subdued, simple and humble in expression whereas Leos are loud, dramatic and high-spirited. Leo natives often tend to exaggerate their emotions while Capricorns usually downplay their emotional needs. Leo natives always want to be the center of attraction and are in constant need of appreciation and praise, whereas Capricorns rarely admit their dependence and appear to be self-sufficient.

Leo natives are warm, friendly and approachable whereas Capricorns are emotionally detached and formal. Leos express their love through romantic gestures while Capricorns express their love through practical gifts. This may make both of you feel repressed and overwhelmed. Unless if one of you are willing to compromise for your partner, it might become difficult to stay happy. Leos are optimistic whereas Capricorns are not actually pessimistic, but realistic. Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign Both of you are very compatible and have similar needs, thoughts and temperaments and tend to react similarly to situations.

You both may feel lucky to have found someone who shares so many things in common. Both of you are hardworking, practical and organized with an urge to accomplish something and be useful. You both will be happy to sacrifice your needs in lieu of your responsibilities. Both of you are uncomfortable with expressing childish behavior and usually downplay your feelings.

You both are meticulous, self-disciplined, and loyal and avoid taking risks. You both are responsible, painstaking and sometimes may expect too much from yourselves and turn harsh. Since both of you are faithful and steady, you are comfortable with each other in trusting one another at any time. You both have to be aware of over-work and stop undermining your own work. Both of you have to learn to take some time off and relax yourselves.

If you do that and pay attention to your emotions, you both can enjoy a joyful and successful relationship. Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign Both of you are not that compatible with each other unless one of you is willing to compromise in the relationship. Libra natives are warm, friendly and want to be very close with their partners, whereas Capricorns are emotionally detached and not expressive enough to show their affection to Libras. Libras are dependent on their partners or friends while Capricorns are emotionally self-sufficient and are afraid of expressing their emotions and feelings.

Libra natives feel secured in personal relationships while Capricorns find security in work, accomplishment of goals and success. Capricorns are more hardworking and practical while Libras are balanced and equally want to spend time for relaxation as work.

If both of you can work it out, Libras can teach the Capricorns how to take a break once in a while and Capricorns can teach Libras how to be independent. Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign Both of you can be very good friends which can become a warm, romantic relationship. Both of you tend to be quiet and restrain from expressing your feelings, but for different reasons.

Your relationship will be based on mutual respect and admiration. You both are loyal, committed and emotionally intense couple who approach everything with caution and little suspicion. When it comes to love match astrology, Capricorns are best paired with fellow earth signs, or alternatively, with water signs. Both are also signs that place a high value on money and security, so they will find that they have many goals and dreams in common as well.

This union is one that makes for an excellent marriage. Pisces : This is an example of an astrology signs love match where the differences between the individuals are beneficial to the union. Capricorn provides a stabilizing influence for Pisces, as well as offers a much-needed sense of security.

Pisces helps serious Capricorn lighten up a little and have more fun with life. Virgo : Virgo and Capricorn are like two peas in a pod when it comes to their approaches to life. Both know the value of a well kept home and strive to make theirs a place that positively oozes success and order.

Capricorn and Pisces Love Compatibility

They work hard for what they have, and they love sharing it with a few select friends, as opposed to a large group of many superficial acquaintances. This is not the most romantic or passionate union, as both partners are more practical and clever instead, but it is one that stands an excellent chance of long-term success. Aries : Aries and Capricorn are about as different in all the most troublesome ways as two signs can be.

Each sign also wants to be the only one in control, each feeling they are the one who knows best. They will often butt heads, making their relationship the grounds for a constant power struggle. You also need a good diet and exercise with that Virgo rising, and you may suffer from IBS. So be careful about that. As long as you find a way to relax, you'll be fine. I am a Gemini Sun, Capricorn moon, Libra rising girl. I'm thirty-years-old, but I am not getting success in my career field and personal life. I want to know about my sign combination. When will I be successful?

The Libra Rising means you are liked by others and have a nice personality. The Capricorn moon is about emotions, and you keep yours private, or even locked inside. It's OK to keep some feelings to yourself, but you don't want to make people think you don't care. Both Libra and Capricorn are signs of leadership, so you do have what it takes to be successful, and you certainly do want success. The Gemini Sun means you are smart on a lot of topics. This can be a matter of focus. Decide on one thing you do best, and learn as much as you can about it, or look for success in what field you care about the most.

I am an Aries sun, Virgo moon and Sagittarius rising and feel very conflicted with who I am. Please help me understand a little about myself. My mind is always racing. Is it because of my uncomfortable sun and moon combination? You are no more of a mess than the rest of us! You have to be either Aquarius or Pisces, that "on the cusp" business is a misnomer that's been allowed to exist which is untrue. There are cusps in astrology, but they divide the 12 houses, and you can only have one Sun Sign.

It doesn't always change on the 21st of each month either, so you have to use the year as well, and look it up online. Try a site like Cafe Astrology; I use tables from there. If you are intelligent and love new things, you may be Aquarius. If you are sensitive and dreamy, you may be Pisces. Either way, since every planet is in a zodiac sign, you likely have a planet in both Aquarius and Pisces, like Mercury or Venus, in addition to the Sun sign we don't know.

Capricorn in Love [Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman in Love Relationships]

Scorpio rising people have the traits seeming reserved, strong-willed, powerful and magnetic. You usually do what you set out to do. You have strong sex appeal, and others are drawn to you. Although you don't come on strong, you need to express yourself and others may be intimidated by you. The Capricorn moon represents your emotions, and you hold them in. You feel strong feelings and are emotional; you just don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You don't like to be out with somebody who likes to make scenes, and I bet you don't like surprises.

I have a Scorpio rising and Capricorn moon too! You want to know what's happening, and with that Scorpio rising, can read most people like a book. You don't waste time on people unless you decide you like them or they can teach or be useful to you in some way. Or unless you love them, of course. The Capricorn Venus is another way you hold in your feelings. Venus rules our love lives and social lives.

I worry you let relationships slide because you don't tell the other person you care, or show it in little ways. Don't forget, you can read others well, but they can't read you hardly at all with this Moon, Ascendant and Venus. So you need to go out of your way a little to show others you care.

It's a hard Venus position. The feeling is there; it's just hard to express. You also may be a bit of a social climber or trying to attract a certain kind of person who meets your set of standards, instead of just letting things happen naturally, and could be getting in your way. If you have trouble with the Sun sign, write back with your birthday, just give me the year you were born too.

I have articles about every Sun Sign on a site called Exemplore. What does my astrological sign makeup say about me? As far as how many others have your same trinity? Probably hundreds of thousands of people in the world. I often have people write here and ask me to interpret their Trinity, and if they read the answers I wrote to others, they would see the same trinity already interpreted. An Astrology chart is a lot more than these three little positions.

If anyone has broken this down by country, I have never seen it. A Gemini Sun means you are intelligent and restless. You know about many subjects, and because you have Cancer and Capricorn in you, probably take the time to delve into them more, as Geminis are often misinterpreted as knowing a little about a lot of topics. You are fun as a companion and probably liked by others. The Capricorn Moon represents your emotional makeup. You are a little insecure and don't let people in until you are sure you can trust them. You are reserved, although you are passionate and care deeply, especially about loved ones.

Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal signs of leadership, so you make goals and stick with it until you achieve them. Try to express your emotions more, don't lock them inside. The Cancer Rising is the way others see you. Cancers seem congenial and friendly and make trusted friends. You seem fun, being a Gemini, but are more conservative and reserved than people think. I'm sorry you are dealing with such a serious illness.

The Sagittarius Sun is very optimistic, as it's ruled by Jupiter, so that's a really strong point for you. You are a person who usually looks to the bright side, and this can be very helpful when ill. Also, Leo rising is a Fire Sign, and fire energy is very strong and good for fighting health issues. Leos are also sunny and people like them. So don't be afraid to lean on your friends for support.

I am sure they would love to help, don't be too shy to ask! The Capricorn Moon rules your emotions, and since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, that can get you in a gloomy mood regarding your situation. But Capricorns are also very practical and strong and you have more emotional strength than the average person. So use that to your advantage, you need it when going through a hard time Also, Sag and Capricorn are both good signs for having dreams.

Sag gives you the ideas to have dreams, and Leo and Capricorn the will to follow through and get them accomplished. You are a strong and optimistic person, and I wish you the very best. How does the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs affect one's personality? Which of these in the Trinity have the most impact on one's personality? This is a great question and one I often forget to explain further when I tell people what their Trinity is made up of.

It's called a Trinity because all three parts are equally important, one part is no more valid than the other. Most readers think the Sun sign is the be all, end all of astrology, but it's only one-third of the Trinity, and we still have all the other planets in zodiac signs of their own, in houses of their own, and all those planets make aspects to each other.

The Trinity is just a quick, easy, sort of overview. The Sun expresses your basic energy potential, and your creative drive to grow and develop as an individual. It also shows the stage of spiritual growth represented by the native's present incarnation or lifetime. The Sun shows what lessons you must master in this lifetime. This is why I preach until I can't even stand it that the houses are so important. We can know what zodiac sign planets are in, but if we don't know what houses they are in, those tell me the areas of life where these planets are important and what area of the person's life will be affected.

So Aries is the first sign, and they are the babies of the zodiac. They can be original, but are usually hasty and immature, with a "me, me, me" and "no, no, no" sort of way about them, like a toddler. Other influences in the Natal Birth Chart can help that. A Pisces Sun person is the last zodiac sign, so they are the most spiritual and the oldest souls, they have lived through everything.

Advanced astrologers believe in reincarnation, but you don't have to if you like astrology, it just makes more sense then. The Moon sign represents the inner you, the part you often keep hidden. This is your emotional makeup and only the people who love you most or know you best understand all of this about you. You decide whether to let them in or not. This indicates the type of emotional responses you have to life's situations. It shows what kinds of attitudes and values were instilled in you by your family in your childhood.

It tells me how early emotional experiences have affected your outlook on life. It shows how you are likely to be affected by actions of others. The Moon is important in determining how you will conduct your home life and the type of relationship you have with your Mother or women in general. It tells how you respond to the public at large, and attitudes about everyday affairs. It even shows preferences in eating habits! The Ascendant is the mask or facade a person wears on the outside. We all do it. It's the way other people see us and can be different than the way we are the Sun or the way we feel The Moon.

But we still exhibit whatever traits are on the Ascendant, and often people have several planets in that sign, in their first house or twelfth house. We need it to protect ourselves. The Ascendant is the part of the chart, or picture of the sky, at which the eastern horizon intersects the elliptic. I am a Taurus sun with Capricorn moon and Leo rising. How do I push through the hard times without getting so emotional and giving up?

First, I want to explain to you and my other readers that when you write to me with your Astrology Trinity Sun, Moon, Ascendant , or with a list of what zodiac signs your planets are in, this is only a small part of what a Natal Birth Chart or any kind of horoscope would be. These questions are time-consuming to answer, although people seem to want the help, so I reply to them. But there is so much information I don't know that it's difficult for me to give you a complete answer. Also, astrology interpretations are not usually free because of my time, all the expensive books, workshops, and classes I had to take over the years to have the knowledge I do.

So I am happy to try to answer, but what you are getting is just an educated guess based on my experience. I don't see any reason here why you should suffer from being over emotional at all. None of the Trinity is in water signs, the most emotional ones. Taurus Sun people are very grounded and practical. You are ruled by gentle Venus, so you avoid arguments, although you are willing to express yourself. You are a strong person, and Taureans have much persistence, which should aid in problem-solving and find logical conclusions to your issues.

Capricorn Moon is the ruler of your emotions. Again, this a well-grounded Earth sign. You do tend to keep your emotions to yourself, but will express them when you must. You are a good judge of people and business oriented, probably your job and financial security is very important to you. You are fond of your family and close friends, who rely on your good advice and calm presence. Leo Rising is the way others see you, especially those who don't know you well. This fire sign makes you seem outgoing, friendly, and optimistic. You are fun to be with and like to go out, being a bit of a party person.

You like fashion and nice things so does the Taurus in you. I think you have many friends who would be happy to listen to your problems. So there's a lot of information missing because this is not a picture of an overwrought and overly emotional person. It's a picture of a very grounded person who doesn't give up. Capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs, and Leos work hard to shine. If I had a whole horoscope, there would likely be other planets in water signs, please don't go on a site and send me a list, I don't interpret those, it's hours of work or I could see how far the planets were from each other called aspects.

There are also 12 houses in astrology, and I can't see what planets are in them or what signs they are ruled by. I suspect you have several in a water sign in one of the houses. But draw upon your Capricorn Moon to give you the energies to push through the hard times. And your Leo Moon means help is close to you, take it. I hope things get better for you. What is the problem with having the same Moon sign and Descendant sign, as my Moon sign and Descendant sign is Capricorn? If I am understanding this correctly, your Moon is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is on the cusp of your seventh house?

There is nothing wrong with this. The seventh house is the marriage house, and indicates what type of person you would like to marry. The person would show Capricorn traits, be sensitive, ambitious, hard working, sensual, but in private, family oriented, and reserved until they get to know people. You want a gently assertive person. Since it's your Moon sign, it rules your emotions. So you keep your cards close to the vest, until you really get to know someone. You are sensible and practical, and ambitious, just like you want a spouse or loved one to be.

You are a leader and others trust you, because you have proven to them that they can. You sometimes tend to hold in your emotions, but don't do that for too long. Try to talk things out with whoever the disagreement is with. So there really is no problem here, every one of the twelve houses of astrology has a zodiac sign on the cusp, like the descendant. That's what cusps are. There is no such thing as being "born on a cusp", though after a 40 year practice people still ask me several times a day.

Best Wishes.

What does it mean that my Moon sign and Descendant sign are the same? Which is stronger in me, my Moon sign or Rising sign? I think the Capricorn Moon is comfortable being in the descendant house since that's Capricorn. It can mean you are looking for a mature partner, or perhaps will find one who is older than you. That would be OK. The Capricorn Moon is serious and doesn't show affection easily, but since you have Cancer Rising, that is an outwardly loving and creative sign, and that will help as far as showing affection.

Also, being a Gemini Sun, you are a good communicator. Normally Geminis get bored fast and change often. But Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal leadership signs, making you ambitious and goal driven. So it's a maturing influence. As far as the Trinity goes, the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign carry equal weight. None is stronger than the other, but thanks for asking, others have too. I'm a Capricorn sun, Aries moon and Libra rising and feel very much the leader that 3 cardinals would imply, but I don't always see that playing out in my relationships and even less so in my career. I am passionate and driven, but my interest seems to wane after a time or I get distracted.

How would you advise someone with my astrological makeup of cardinal signs? Wow, that's all the cardinal signs! I believe the reason you aren't feeling them in career or relationships means they aren't in the 7th or 10th houses. The 7th house would be partnerships and the 10th career. Those are cardinal houses, as well as the 1st and 4th. But this is called a T square if you have planets in certain houses--not only the natural cardinal ones.

You could have other planets in signs that aren't as focused, like Gemini or Sag. But it really comes down to houses where the planets in these cardinal signs are. I'm already pursuing my career as a doctor, how good will I be at it? I'm a lazy person who procrastinates a lot, doesn't this contradict my moon?

What is my love life going to be like? I'm sorry, but without casting a whole Natal Birth Chart, I can't interpret this much information. Astrology is a lot more than what the planets in the signs mean. They are all in houses, and all the planets make aspects to each other. So if I were to interpret what's here, I am missing too much info, and what I told you could be wrong. A Natal Birth chart is a personality profile for your whole life, a picture of the sky at the time of your birth. It takes hours to interpret and to draw it up. But it does tell your potentials and pitfalls and ways to work around them.

An astrologer needs to know your time of birth, city and country. It's simply too much work for a question and answer portion of a freelance writing site, and this is what this is. I began answering simple questions as it was a requirement of the site, but now people are asking for more and more hours of my time. I would be happy to work with you if you wanted a chart, my blog address is listed on my profile. He has been giving me the cold shoulder lately.

Should I drop him or wait it out? There probably is an attraction, Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs. Contrary to what some think, this is good in a romantic situation. Usually, I would say he's BS-ing you, but Capricorns are serious about love. And serious about how they spend their time. When a Capricorn says they don't have time to spend quality time, I believe it. Does he work often? There's nobody in the picture except you? Don't be too quick to drop him, give it more time. In the meantime, it would be fine to see other people; it might make him free up some of that precious time.

I'm Cancer, and my first love was Capricorn, so I understand the dynamic. Also, they have a big fear of rejection. He may like you a lot more than you think. But don't pass up any other good options while you wait! I'm pulling for you! Concerning zodiac signs, does the Descendant sign give information about our ancestors? Which sign gives information about our ancestors or our parents?

No, the descendant isn't about ancestors. Here are the most important houses, called angular houses.. The 1st house, because it's the ascendant and the way others see us. The 4th house, which rules our home life and family, and real estate we may inherit, part of your question. That house also rules ancestors, and the 3rd house rules relationships with brothers and sisters, or people we are close to and see often. The 7th house rules marriage and war, and describes the type of traits we want in a spouse or important relationship, as we discussed last night.

The 10th house shows how prominent or popular we become in the world, or what we are most noticed for. It usually has to do with career achievements, but it depends on what your strong points or talents are. Cancer is the most family oriented sign, followed by Capricorn. Capricorn is more duty oriented, Cancer is more out of love, though both care deeply.. Also, the 4th house rules the Mother, and the 10th house the Father. Saturn is also the most karmic planet, so I would look there for info about ancestors.

Are there any really strong planetary aspects to your Moon or Saturn? I feel like you are working on a larger question. I am a Gemini rising, Capricorn sun, and Capricorn moon, could you give some insight into my astrological signs? Having the same zodiac sign--Capricorn--for both your Sun and Moon sign, means you are the same way outside that you feel on the inside.

That's another way of saying, "What you see is what you get. Capricorn Sun people are serious, but have a dry sense of humor. You are sensible and reliable. This is a leadership sign, so you are ambitious and have plans for the future. In fact, you always plan ahead. People often come to you for advice, because they know you will listen and tell them something of value, not just some nonsense. You have a good head for business and I can easily see you climbing that mountain of achievement. The Moon rules your emotions, and they aren't much different.

You are a reserved person who takes time to get to know others. You want security in your life and will be careful how you spend. You may date often if single, because of the Gemini rising, but I believe the Capricorn makes it so you see a person and don't see them for long unless they have long time partner potential.

You have some trouble expressing emotions, but the Gemini can help here. You care deeply about your family and tradition. Gemini rising is the way people see you on the outside. So you seem more outgoing and playful than you really are. But this also helps you to communicate more easily than a double Capricorn, so it's a good thing. You are intelligent and come off as brainy.

You are fun to talk to and know a little about many topics. It's a nice Trinity. Scorpios are strong, independent, psychic, caring, and hard workers. You make your own rules and are likely to change many times in your life as you evolve. Scorpios are reserved at first and are careful who they let into their lives. They aren't snobby, just cautious. Plus being very emotional, you do need time to yourself.

You will help the circle of people you love and do anything for them. The Capricorn Moon is also a bit discriminating, so you really do have a little trouble letting people in. Capricorns are ambitious and hard working. You are emotional but don't always show it a lot, most quietly and in private. The Leo rising brings you out more. Its the way others see you being the rising sign.

Capricorn Moon Compatibility

It's' a more outgoing and friendly vibe, needed here, warm and inviting. Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs, so you can be a tad stubborn, but the Capricorn in you can be reasonable. Leo gives you artistic talent too! I think it's a good trinity. I'm an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon and Virgo rising, I can never understand relationships, what people are most compatible with me?

Being Aquarius, you don't like being tied down to a relationship, and see lovers more as friends. Scorpio Moon people are sexy, but also need time to themselves.

Virgo rising can make you critical and a little prudish. I can't really tell who you would be compatible with only knowing your trinity. It's Air, Water, and Earth. All different elements. I would have to do a whole Natal Chart. Sorry I can't be more helpful. I am very emotional, but at the same time detached. I was pondering the idea of how my Capricorn Moon reacts to the emotional stimuli that I am almost constantly in. How do I process and react to such extreme levels of emotional turmoil as a Capricorn Moon?

I have a Pisces sun, Capricorn moon with a Capricorn everything else! I get bored of dating after awhile. I really want to find a reliable, responsible man with mutual attraction but I've always struggled with dating and a man to be in a relationship with. Dating has always been fun for a little while but becomes repetitive and boring after that with nothing to show for it in the end.

Maybe this isn't a sign thing? I have such a hard time trying to place my emotions, and speaking out loud about how I'm truly feeling to people. This causes problems in my relationship. I get detached very easily when not meaning to or even realizing it sometimes. It's very hard to talk about my feelings and to recognize what things really are. Do you have any advice? The Gemini Sun means you are bored easily in relationships and can seem too detached at times. But you are intelligent and fun.

I think that, coupled with the Capricorn Moon mostly, but the Rising sign too, is the issue. Capricorn Moon people are very emotional, but they don't show it; they hold in their feelings, or they only admit them privately. They are sensual, but not particularly lovey-dovey. I have a Capricorn Moon, too, and people often think I don't want to be bothered.

Capricorn is about time, and we have a way of deciding if we want to spend so much time in a relationship, or if it's serious enough to give it our attention. You want emotional security, though. The rising sign means you come off as very serious and sensible, even though your fun Gemini side comes through.

So it's a mix of being detached, and not expressing yourself enough. Sometimes something upsets me and it doesn't hit me for days. Work on trying to talk about your emotions more. It clearly bothers you if it's causing problems. Also, your other planets are also all in zodiac signs, so some are probably in signs that are more expressive. I am a Cancer sun, Capricorn moon and Gemini rising. I am a mess. Why could this be? I don't know of any large planetary aspects that would be affecting you right now to make you feel upset.

I am Cancer with a Capricorn Moon too. Planets move all the time, and Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in Scorpio, so that should be a stabilizing effect on you, but maybe it needs to move farther into the sign until you start to feel it. Also, being Cancer, the Sun is in Scorpio now for about one month, and this is normally a time when life flows a bit more easily. I can't really answer a question like this without seeing a birth chart.

Planets can be affecting your money house, marriage house, career house, I have nothing to read without a chart. Cancers are creatures of change. Both Cancer and Capricorn are leadership signs and are very ambitious. Does some of this stem from feeling unappreciated at a job? Or maybe you need a change in a job or want to start a new career direction.

Going to a stressful job we hate can make us feel like a mess. Having some planets in common with you, I changed jobs often and never liked being told what to do, so worked better when I had more control. I can see you having your own business, especially with great communication skills from the Gemini rising. Both Cancer and Capricorn have a good head for business. How about real estate? It's only a 75 hr.

Capricorn moon | Zodiac | Capricorn moon, Capricorn moon sign, Capricorn quotes

I hope things get better soon. Taurus people are security minded and like good things in life, sex, food, wine, comfy furniture, the works. But it's a gentle and sensual sign willing to work to get these things, preferably to share with a partner. Taurus is an Earth sign. So is your Capricorn Moon. Capricorn also wants many of the same things as Taurus, but is more driven to succeed, and may be a bit of a social climber.

Earth signs are sexy, and like spending time glamping and on the beach. Capricorns are serious, but have an unexpected and wry sense of humor. The Aquarius Sun means you are a nonconformist, different than Taurus and Capricorn. I wish I had more info, all of your planets are in a zodiac sign. So you do need freedom in a relationship or will feel stifled. You may feel comfortable in a more unconventional relationship where you don't see a person so much, but Taurus and Capricorn won't like that. I would try for a water sign. Cancers and Aquarius get along well, as they are both changeable.

Earth signs are attracted to water signs. You could have more planets in Aquarius, like Mercury or Venus, so this is an air sign, which would lead to a fire sign interest.

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But based on this, I'd go with a water sign. I am a Libra sun, and Capricorn moon and my cynical side and romantic side contradict. And since I'm a Libra, I don't know what to be.