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Scorpio horoscope gives astrology analysis for upcoming year. Know predictions for zodiac sign Scorpion as per astrological principles.

Thanks to the increased influence of the patronizing planet of the Sun, extraordinary personalities are born on this day.

Birthday Horoscope January 12th

You have great potential, which you must use to the full. Those born on this day always know what they want from life, never get sprayed on trifles, and easily overcome all the obstacles that they encounter. Moreover, all sorts of difficult situations will constantly stand in their way, which to overcome will be a matter of honor.

Of course, fame and success will not leave indifferent people from your environment. Therefore, envy, gossip and intrigue will almost always be your companions. I must say that, Capricorns born on this day, absolutely calmly react to such phenomena, almost not noticing them. They are very selfish, they never listen to anyone and are always confident in their rightness.

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For this reason, they rarely experience happiness in marriage, although they are always surrounded by persons of the opposite sex, from whom they receive a lot of attention. The Capricorn is under the planetary rule of Saturn, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the mysterious planetary influence of Mercury. Being the planet of control, Saturn is responsible for your discipline, determination and organizational skills.

In the same light, it is Mercury that is responsible for your mental agility and gifts for communication. Your unique combination of planetary influence makes you more intellectual than other Capricorn Decans.

January 12 Birthday Horoscope

These qualities, when paired with your shrewdness, will greatly assist your future successes. In love, your determination is witnessed as extreme loyalty and faithfulness. Amongst your most profound weaknesses may be a difficulty to let go of the pass. In other words, they continue to love their partner until and up to the point that partner stops giving them love back. In your mind, the limit to your relationships is when they are no longer mutually beneficial.

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You believe that love is transactional in nature. Not surprisingly, you tend to focus on people that make you look good.

Born on January 12 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

You tend to focus on romantic partners that brings something tangible to the table. Whether that thing is money, prestige, social status, or a lovemaking ability, you are looking for some sort of return value. In many cases, people born on January 12 take a long time to get married. The good news is, once they are married, their marriages tend to be happy as long as they continue to work.

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You are conscious of the fact that all work is all about performance. This is why you always aim for excellence.

JANUARY 12 ZODIAC – The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

You set a high standard for yourself, but unlike other Capricorns, you also apply these standards to others. You tell yourself that if I am willing to set a high standard for myself, then everybody has to also live up to that standard. The interesting thing about people with this personality trait is that in many cases, their aggressiveness, persistence and determination are rewarded by heartbreak. Your old definitions no longer hold true.

The reason for this is because despite your exterior, you are a very soft-hearted person.

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You have an emotional core. If you are able to speak to, and make peace with this emotional side, you would be able to become a happier person overall.

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People born on January 12 th are unstoppable by nature.