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Scorpio horoscope gives astrology analysis for upcoming year. Know predictions for zodiac sign Scorpion as per astrological principles.

Despite your success, it is still easy to make you blush.

In fact, you now know yourself better than ever before. The Chariot tarot represents a doer in every sense of the word, a champion following a higher calling. It combines the promise and youthful energy of The Sun card with the intense focus of The Temperance card and the keen observation and deep understanding of The Justice tarot card symbolism and messages.

This means that although your actions may seem daring to others, you do not blindly rush into things: The risks you take are calculated. The Chariot card not only points to an inner journey. In a reading, the Chariot tarot card may also show actual travel. This may be a vacation to an exotic place or an important business trip certain to be crowned with success.

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It could even be a permanent move to another town offering better opportunities. Just when everything should to be coming together, powerful forces suddenly seem to pull you in opposite directions. There are a thousand distractions, and it feels like you are putting out fires everywhere. Others are looking to you to solve their problems, or they are placing demands on your attention over trivial things. You would prefer nothing more than staying in bed, pulling the blankets over your head in the hope that it will all disappear overnight.

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Why start now? This is not the time to lose your nerve. That will only make things worse, and you know it.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) The Emperor & The King of Wands

Instead, focus on regaining your footing and getting the situation back under control. Go within and find your center. A tactical retreat is not an unconditional surrender. Use your amazing problem solving skills that have pulled you out of more than one tight spot in the past. You may have decided to take one for the team, and your peers are mistaking your sacrifice for weakness.

In this case, you need to be more assertive. On the other hand, you may have become too sure of yourself. Believing all obstacles were behind you already, you let go of the reins, letting things spin out of control. You really, really hate that. The Chariot card is the seventh Major Arcanum.

Chariot Card Symbols

In Numerology the Number 7 corresponds to Neptune, and it signifies psychic vision and spiritual progress gained from journeying within. Learn more about the sacred divinatory art of Numerology. Use our Numerology Calculator to find what your Life Path , Soul , Personality , Compatibility and Career Numbers are and how they can help improve all areas of your life! First, it helps to understand how the assignment of the cards to the planets and signs came about. In fifteenth century minchiate decks , twenty additional trumps, including cards assigned to the astrological signs, the four elements, and the four virtues, were added to the usual twenty-two trumps minus the Papesse and with some other revisions for a total of forty-one trumps.

However, an ingenious eighteenth century theory made the need for extra cards no longer necessary. In , French metaphysicians proposed a correspondence between the twenty-two traditional tarot trumps and the Hebrew alphabet. In the Sepher Yetzirah , one of the primary texts of kabbalah, the Hebrew letters are assigned to the elements, the planets, and the astrological signs. So once the philosophical transition to seeing the tarot keys as correlating to the Hebrew letters came about, there was an automatic pairing of card to planet and sign, which precluded the need for additional cards to represent those symbols of occult importance.

But in the late nineteenth century when the Golden Dawn revised previous correspondences, their series of assignments became standard, at least in the US I got in an online argument once with a British tarotist who seemed to think I was making this stuff up. The Sepher Yetzirah describes the Hebrew alphabet as consisting of three mother letters, seven double letters and twelve single letters. The three mother letters correspond to the three elements in medieval cosmology, the element earth was often considered to be comprised of the other three elements and so could be considered in some ways redundant.

The seven double letters were assigned to the seven visible planets. The twelve single letters were assigned to the twelve zodiacal signs.

The Chariot Reversed

So it was very simple, once the cards were put in order, to plug in the alphabet to the trumps, and then everything else falls into place. And of course aligning card to letter also brought about the eternally confusing switch of Trumps 8 and 11—the lady with the lion seemed like a shoe-in for Leo whereas the scales on Justice seemed pretty obvious for Libra—so those cards were re-arranged and re-numbered accordingly so that they matched the order of the Hebrew alphabet.

Your Cancer Tarot Cards Are All About Acceptance

Incidentally, Renna Shesso includes some very excellent and fascinating astronomical information supporting this swap in her book, A Magical Tour of the Night Sky. Very simply, when the Fool is assigned to aleph, the Chariot gets cheth and according to the Sepher Yetzirah, cheth is Cancer. Too bad there was a picture of a chariot on this card.

Cancer is the sign of the mother, the womb, the homebody. Definitely not Cancerian energy at all. Ok, well most of our more modern decks show him speeding away. And the early Visconti Sforza shows the chariot in motion—the horses are prancing. But actually, if you look to the Marseilles illustrations, which I believe started layering mythology onto the cards , not just contemporary moralistic teachings, the chariot seems paused. However, both of them and the driver—who does not hold reins—are looking the same direction. As if something caught their attention and they stopped, paused mid-step to see what was going on.

And all of a sudden it came to me.