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Scorpio horoscope gives astrology analysis for upcoming year. Know predictions for zodiac sign Scorpion as per astrological principles.

You will feel love again in early summer. And by the end of the year you will begin to have more personal and meaningful intimate relationships again, especially watching an existing relationship change to another level. This person could be older. You will appreciate them more! You have been quite content to take a back seat in recent years, quite content perhaps to even stay at home.

This year brings a change in that contentment and by early summer you will find a need to be more public, more outgoing, and begin a path that allows you to go after what you want. By the end of the year, you will begin new work or new career projects and you will feel good about the work you do. You may have had conflicts last year with work authority figures, but that will ease by the end of into long term collaborations.

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You will make better decisions. Work areas that may be of interest will have to do with study, travel, computers, electronics… Areas of knowledge and information. It will be rewarding. A new direction of greater service to others will increasingly attract greater financial reward as each month of goes by. By November the advancement you have been working toward will happen and you not only will recover lost assets, but enjoy the increased financial security that will come with more fulfilling and newly found productive work.

Gemini's horoscope for January 2020

You may find that is a balancing act and may tax your health and wellness resources by trying to do too much too soon. You may tire easily but you will recover very quickly.

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Be sure to do your physical and medical checkups. When you discover that you have challenged your health, you will quickly convert and become extremely conscious of diet, food, food sources and preparation, exercise and strength boiling. It will pay off as you move into with a completely new life from the new year of The north node begins the year in your third house finishing up on moving you forward through communications and contacts, short trips and interactions and then moves into your house if resources and finances.

The future comes in through this realm and further enhances the financial prospects for the upcoming year.

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What you want to occur in the future needs to be built now and that building is done through literal, established and somewhat traditional routes. You have intellectual resources and abilities that should be used to enhance and empower your ability to strengthen your material assets. Get ready…to build a foundation that will take you a long ways into the future.

You are very inquisitive. You talk a lot are adaptable and changeable but lack staying power.

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The way you express yourself, changes continually as you seek variety and mental stimulus in all you do. Life for you needs to be exciting and stimulating with plenty of activities to occupy your mind. The horoscopes show that finances for you this month are not promising.

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The Gemini sun sign should be careful before investing in new ventures. You should also avoid dealing with foreign countries and business people because you may experience instead of profits. But the social life is still active this month. Every lunar eclipse affects your finances. This is because the Moon, the eclipsed planet, is your financial planet.

You go through these things twice a year. The eclipse forces you to make the appropriate financial changes, the course corrections that are needed.

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Financial change — generally through a disturbance — is happening with the money people in your life too. Both eclipses are showing this. Stars do not predict improvement in your finances. January is not the best for planning large expenses.

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Make a financial plan and stick to it, for temptation will be easy. You can expect additional incomes only after the 23rd of January. Until then caution is advisable.